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Teamsheet for amalgamation team


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  • Barry

    I achieve this for my club.
    Members firstly need to be visible in the parent club membership.
    Then those members should add a 2nd club in their profile - add the amalgamated club to the players profile. For juvenile players, the amalgamated club should be added on the parent and the player.
    You will need admin rights for the amalgamated club on Foireann. If your club doesn't have this yet then needs to be requested from Foireann helpdesk.
    One admin of the amalgamated club can grant other admins. Those users need the amalgamated club as another club in their profile.
    After all that the teams can be set up under the amalgamated club and players added to the teams.

    It's worth doing. It helps with checking membership too to see if the players across an amalgamated team have registered for the year.


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