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Registration for PIF V Club Membership


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  • Niall Lucey

    @Secretary.mountbellewmoylough.galway, in this "register all players on their behalf at the start of the year" procedure you refer to, does that procedure involve each player (or a parent/guardian in the case of an underage player), expressly agreeing to being registered, and expressly agreeing to all it entails, and does the procedure (per code 4.1) mean fulfilling their annual subscription requirement (i.e. following an authentic registration procedure)?   Or is it more like some club admin just selecting a group of players and indicating in Foireann that they have authentically registered in 2024, and deferring the requirements of authentic registration until later?  Your putting quotes around "register" makes me wonder.

    Our club doesn't do that.  And I expect our club, and other clubs who do not engage in that practice, would consider it at best unfair if other clubs were doing so for purposes of gaining benefits from the injury fund shared by all GAA clubs.

    Additionally, I doubt that if it came to a liability case, where whether or not a member had registered was a factor (as was the situation in a case reported in a national newspaper in recent years), that the club having registered the member on their behalf would count.  I'm not a professional lawyer, so don't take that for a fact (but it seems common sense).

    I know it's very hard to get this instituted in a club, but my suggestion would be to push it.  I.e. get those players (or a parent/guardian in the case of an underage player), to follow the registration procedure properly in advance of beginning any GAA activity in the calendar year, and get the club committee and mentors to fully support it.  Not easy I know.


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