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How to quickly see who has not paid membership for particular club ?


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  • Niall Lucey

    I second this Kieran, and I have raised a support ticket about it in the past.  We're a single-code GAA club, and most of our players would register with another GAA club for the other code.  When one of our players registers with the other club, but not with us, our coaches (with coach privilege for the team in Foireann) see two things that causes them to assume that the player has registered with us even though he hasn't:

    1. Reassuring, but misleading, Green GAA pill on the team list, and
    2. Reassuring, but misleading, lack of warning symbol on the match teamsheet.

    I of course warn our coaches to get on a PC browser and hover so as to be sure.  But the practical reality in a club is that my warning in this regard is mostly forgotten.  So it would be better if this were addressed in Foireann.


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