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How can a Coach see the DOB for team members ?



  • Niall Lucey

    Hi Kieran.

    Oh my apologues Kieran for not having read your question properly - I see you asked for a way to do that other than the teamsheet.  There's no way that I know of other than this way for somebody with coach privileges, but without admin privileges. 

    I'm just a club admin, not representing Foireann.  It would be indeed more convenient to have the DOB on the list of players in the team view (and sortable there by DOB), but we get by fine by downloading the teamsheet with the DOB.  So if we had to prioritize requests for changes, we'd have other changes we're consider a higher priority than this one (of course it may be a priority for your club in your circumstances).

  • Kieran Fitzgerald

    Thanks Nial. I'll log it again as a feature request.


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