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De-duplication on foireann account



  • Niall Lucey

    I'd suggest you just create a new account.  And then if your old account had special priveleges, then contact somebody in your club who has Foireann Admin privileges, and they can assign your new account those privileges (and presumably merge your old profile with your new one, which they should notice and do anyway).  Unless of course you are the only one in your club with admin privileges in Foireann (extremely unlikely I'd imagine) - in which case yes you will need support from the Foireann team.

    I'm just an ordinary club admin myself.  It's a regular enough occurrence for one of our members to create a new account.  I check regularly, and if I notice it having occurred then I merge the profiles (following any consultation with any other club they are associated with if it appears the merge might negatively impact that club).

  • Maria Noonan

    Foireann Helpdesk Number 01 2338795 - just leave a message 


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