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Remove membership registration status



  • Ciaran Byrne

    Hello Tony, you can Hibernate each of the existing membership options so that they are no longer available for selection, and then you can create the new 6 monthly membership options for selection to the end of the year. To Hibernate see the details here:

  • Tony Greenhalgh

    Hi Ciaran,

    Yes I've done all of that already. Its that we register member in June each year when they renew and then have to double up in January as Foireann resets as a new membership year. This means we've got members showing as registered for the full year through to December. I want to remove their individual registration. If I revoke their membership then they aren't verified as members of the club anymore.
    Hope that makes sense.

  • Niall Lucey


    It isn't Foireann that causes an issue with June-June membership registration.  GAA registration has been calendar-year-based for all of the 17 years or so while I have been helping with registrations (either as our Club's official registrar, or our club's effective one), and probably for years before that.  Of course your club might have had some other class of membership where the member is a member of the club, but not a GAA member - that would be different.

    Revoking a registration does not cause the member to no longer be a verified member of the club - it just revokes the registration for the calendar year 2024.  I suppose the question is: are those members already registered for the calendar year 2024 or not - it seems that they are, and it is not possible to half-revoke.

    Being already registered for the calendar year, does not prevent the member from doing so again!  I've had a few that registered twice unintentionally.

    If the members are in fact already registered for the calendar year 2024, but you wish to collect additional membership funds from them as you feel you have only charged them for up to June, then my recommendation would be to have some sort of social membership options they can select for that (just for this year).  I have never experimented with these social memberships, but I suspect that that would work as a funds-collection mechanism.


  • Tony Greenhalgh

    Hi Niall. Thanks for the reply. Yes I've registered myself and can see that it will accept a 2nd registration for the year. Looks like the simplest option is to leave the current one in place and let people have a 2nd registration against a half year membership option.
    Luckily it will only be a pain this time and from January we are operating as normal clubs operate.

    Thanks again both


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