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  • Niall Lucey

    Hi Conal.

    In our club, we send texts (SMS) for the kinds of messages that would go to all members and parents/guardians of members.  In that, we respect the communication consents in Foireann.  We'll probably continue to do that, as we have a very small (but very important) number of older members who would not have smartphones but who find that the texts keep them in touch with what is going in in the club.

    Various teams use various methods.  However, I noticed the new Foireann app, and my plan is to experiment with that over the next few weeks.  Given the functionality and quality of what the Foireann team has produced all along, the likely consequence of my experimentation is that I'll be recommending its use for communications within our club.



  • Niall McCullagh

    For teams comms we use Heja.

    • Posting messages from coaches, parents/players which can be replied to. The messages can include pictures/videos.
    • Scheduling training/matches. Notification to coaches/parents/players Allowing parents/players to respond. Recurring schedule.
    • Chat fuctionality. Group wide chat or between two or more people in the group.
    • Native mobile notifcations

    The above would need to be in place before we would even consider changing.

    Each team is setup in Heja seperately. We use the free version which means we have only one admin, but we make that work.

    For club wide comms we use our website, email but mainly social media - facebook, twitter, instagram.

    • It would be good to be able to deliver content to multiple groups. i.e. Whole club/All junvenile/All Football etc.
    • I played with the distribution lists. I thought it would use email but later discovered it only delivers to the app only. It would be good if it could target both. There is no reason yet for our members to install the app, and I doubt there would be no reason for non-players/non-coaches to have the app installed.

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