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Bulk email members



  • Niall Lucey

    The CSV file that is downloaded when you select "Export Detailed Member Info" has columns for the email addresses of members and their parent/guardians.  Of course you will also have to then search other rows in the CSV for those parent/guardians to see if they themselves have a profile associated with the club and have consented to receiving the kind of communication you are considering putting in your email to them (e.g. there are plenty cases where one parent has consented to things that another hasn't, and so this impacts how you communicate with each).

    It is not possible to issue emails from within Foireann itself.  I suppose in time it may be possible to send such emails from Foireann itself and avoid these steps (I'm just speculating - I am just a club registrar).

  • Caroline Phillips

    Thank you Niall, would be ideal as the members get registered that we could tick the box beside their name (if they've given consent for communication and don't allow the box to be ticked if they haven't!) and send mail to 50 at a time


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