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Sharing Medical Information



  • Niall Lucey

    I agree.  But I have raised this as a support ticket and it was escalated and it has been explained to me that there is some regulatory reasons why it cannot be done.

    So I would suggest another approach.  That approach being that an admin could have access to a searchable time-sorted log of changes to profiles associated with the club.  I.e. which field in which profile changed. Using that, I could search for any medical change since I last searched, and I could then verbally advise the coaches of the teams in which the member is a player of the change.  A by-product of that is that I could see other changes of interest as well, and so meet some other needs.

    In suggesting this, I realize I am not suggesting the approach that is most convenient for admins or coaches.  Indeed I can think of many other ways such as automatic notifications, or indeed what you are asking for specifically.  Rather I am suggesting something that I am guessing (could be wrong) would be doable without the additional effort of notification and without a challenge to the expert opinion as to the regulatory matters.

  • CO

    Hi Niall, Thanks for your input and your suggestion is something that would be a useful feature also, a sort of audit of records and notification on changes.

    What I am looking is the medical information be available to be accessed in foireann by coaches or even included in the export of contact information option within a team.

    Regarding the reasoning for the access to medical information being held back from coaches due to regulatory requirements, I cannot see the justification behind that.

    When entering the details the member and or parent/guardian gives consent for the information to be shared with the club. What reasoning is there to give the information to admin users who may not be involved within the teams vs coaches who are and have their qualifications, child protection and vetting.

    “I consent to the processing of the personal medical data as outlined below for the purpose of administering medical assistance to me if required.” - Quoted from the registration page.

    This information is vital for club coaches when working with underage members and as I seen pointed out in another discussion is something that can be changed year on year. (Often coaches are involved in the same teams coming through the age grades)

    The coaches are the people who will be catering their sessions and games for the members and need this information to do so and need to be aware of any relevant needs of the members.

    The current process leaves coaches and other members within a club in a dangerous situation.

    To me, Foireann is meant to be a self service system. This requirement is essential. The current methods of getting the medical information are tedious and open to error. I have to check each team and then in a separate window find the member. (Can’t even directly select a member from a team)

  • Niall Lucey

    I completely agree with you CO.  And I would add to the tedious and open to error nature of it because it is not enough to do this once during the year - you have to do it continually as you have no idea when a member or their parent/guardian may get a medical diagnosis (e.g. allergy to a medication) and update the medical details - and you are completely unaware of this.

    I would add to your reasoning that if an admin tells a coach of a player's medical condition, then the coach is more likely to write it down (even when you tell them not to) and so therefore the likelihood is that the current approach is less secure and therefore less likely to be compliant to regulations than the alternative to allowing a logged-in authenticated and authorized coach to view it in Foireann.

    There is one function that makes it easier than you are suggestion though - you can use the filter to display only members which have medical details in their profiles.

    But having agreed with your perspective completely, I recognize the current position of the Foireann team who are working on this as directed, and that's why I suggest the alternative - which certainly is far from ideal, but would make our lives a lot easier.


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